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Mango Cherry Yonanas Cake

Mango Cherry Yonanas Cake


Mango Yonanas (double this recipe)

Cherry Yonanas (double this recipe)



  1. Make Mango Yonanas recipe
  2. Scoop Mango Yonanas into a round cake mold
  3. With an offset spatula spread Mango Yonanas evenly into mold
  4. Make Cherry Yonanas
  5. Scoop Cherry Yonanas into cake mold on top of Mango Yonanas. With an offset spatula, spread Yonanas evenly into mold
  6. Cover and freeze for a minimum of four hours
  7. To remove cake from mold, run warm water around the sides of the cake mold, set a plate on top of cake container and flip over. Gently remove mold. Allow cake to thaw a few minutes before slicing to serve.