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Story of Yonanas


If you have caught any of the Yonanas appearances on HSN, visited our Facebook page or taken a few minutes to read some of the posts on this site, you are probably getting familiar with Eileen McHale. Eileen was the driving force behind the development of the yonanas maker and today she has the role of being the face and voice for the product. Yonanas is fortunate to have someone like Eileen, who is both authentic and passionate about Yonanas and healthy nutrition.


What inspired Edison to invent the phonograph or Steve Jobs to develop the I-pad? I don’t know, but Eileen will tell you that she started pursuing the Yonanas idea out of necessity. She’ll readily admit that ice-cream was her favorite dessert growing up and that some of her fondest memories include times spent with her girlfriends drinking chocolate malts or eating ice cream cones after softball games. Unfortunately, she often experienced stomach aches and chronic sneezing after indulging, so, even if she didn’t know it at the time, her body was telling her that something had to give.


When Eileen moved to Southern California she attended cooking school and embraced a healthy life style focused on nutrition. She worked in the natural foods industry and as a private chef. As her approach to nutrition evolved, she found a conflict with the unending string of fad diets. She believed in a more holistic approach to nutrition, one that reflected a balanced approach of including natural, healthy foods and the occasional dessert. Over a 10-year period Eileen and her husband started experimenting with frozen fruits as a base for making healthy desserts. Using the professional culinary equipment available she was able to come up with smooth, creamy treats that were both healthy and delicious. She called them Yonanas.


Even though the response was unbelievable, Eileen knew that the average home kitchen wouldn’t have the equipment to make similar treats. She reached out to a friend from high school, who had a successful company that designed, manufactured and distributed a range of products. After sharing Yonanas with him, he was hooked. After months of development and product testing, a new company was formed, Healthy Foods LLC, and Yonanas was successfully launched.


Healthy Foods continues to innovate around Eileen’s core beliefs in nutrition and balance. Our goal is to make Yonanas available to everyone because we believe little girls—and athletes, moms and nutrition-conscious people everywhere, deserve to enjoy delicious and healthy treats.


About Chillax Products Pty Ltd


Chillax Products Ptd Ltd is a company dedicated to bringing innovative new products to market. Our mission statement is simple ‘Innovation creates unique opportunities’ which motivates us to seek and understand consumer needs and to provide products which will fulfil these needs. Based in Melbourne, we have national representation which is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our retailers and most importantly our customers.


Our investment in searching and concentrating on finding new and innovative products has proven to be successful in leading us to the truly amazing “YONANAS” machine, which we believe will change the way everyone eats fruit. Health is now a key ingredient in most people’s lives and Yonanas can make this happen by adding fun and excitement to staying healthy. Yonanas is so amazing in taste and texture that it’s a winner for both adults and children. Our team is full of excitement and enthusiasm regarding the launch of Yonanas and we are sure there will be many more creative and innovative products to follow.


We are a 100% Australian family owned and operated company, which means our people are passionate and think BIG. Our promise to our customers is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and it is our goal to keep working on finding those truly innovative products like YONANAS. Our aim is to bring many more innovative products in the near future.